Who is going to win the EmpowerWISM programme 2024?

In January, Empower Women in Shared Mobility (EmpowerWISM) announced the launch of its highly anticipated 2024 programme. Who is going to win it?

One of the most significant changes for 2024 is the venue for the EmpowerWISM programme winners' announcement. For the first time, the announcement will take place at the 8th edition of the AUTONOMY MOBILITY WORLD EXPO (AMWE) on 20 March, bringing the event to life with in-person celebrations.

What sets this programme apart is its commitment to providing tangible support to its winners. The recipient of this year's award will receive a valuable pro-bono consultancy package, meticulously tailored to facilitate growth and assist in securing investment. Additionally, winners will benefit from an integrated marketing package designed to bolster their business development efforts.

Meet the semifinalists

The 2024 EmpowerWiSM program has received applications from a wide array of innovative ventures across the globe. These include startups focused on diverse aspects of shared mobility, ranging from electric vehicle management to community-based transport solutions. Each applicant brings a unique perspective and solution to the table, demonstrating the breadth and depth of innovation in the sector:

  1. A Fleet for Change (Sheffield, UK) Offering affordable on-demand transport services with a focus on safety and sustainability.
  2. Axle Mobility (Seattle, USA) Providing essential infrastructure for sustainable transport, particularly focusing on electric vehicle repair and maintenance.
  3. Helgg Scooters Ltd (Lagos, Nigeria) Transforming African transport with clean, affordable, and flexible electric mobility solutions.
  4. Loud Mobility (London, UK) Dedicated to system-change in sustainable mobility, aiming for positive experiences for all.
  5. Matterz (Athens, Greece) Empowering individuals with safety resources and tools to create safe communities.
  6. Mobility for Africa (Harare, Zimbabwe) Bringing renewable community-based transport solutions to Sub-Saharan Africa.
  7. Moveree (Paris, France) Using behaviour science and AI to promote sustainable mobility alternatives to motorists.
  8. OX Drive (Riga, Latvia) Introducing fully electric vehicles to car-sharing while building EV charging networks.
  9. Quantum Charging (Berlin, Germany) Pioneering wireless power transfer technology based on quantum mechanics for e-bikes.
  10. Recraft Ventures (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Specialising in circular business models for new mobility, energy, and circularity.
  11. Streetlife Ventures (New York, USA) Investing in urban climate solutions to transform mobility, energy, and waste sectors.
  12. TransiTool (Athens, Greece) Digitally transforming mass transit ecosystems for seamless passenger experiences.
  13. Umob (Rotterdam, Netherlands) Collaborating with all mobility operators to provide integrated sustainable travel solutions.
  14. UpGirl (Santiago and Valparaíso Region, Chile) Creating a female mobility app to ensure safety and peace of mind for women passengers.

These semifinalists represent the cutting-edge innovation in shared mobility, addressing various challenges and opportunities in the sector. The judging panel faces the formidable task of selecting the finalists and ultimately crowning the winner, who will receive valuable support and recognition through the EmpowerWISM program.

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For women entrepreneurs in the shared mobility sector, EmpowerWISM 2024 represents an unparalleled opportunity for growth, support, and recognition. With its revamped programme and exciting new developments, EmpowerWISM is poised to make a significant impact in the industry this year.