Urban Transport Community publishes brief on urban mobility adaptation to climate change

The fourth Urban Transports Community’s Policy Brief focuses on urban mobility adaptation to climate change. This policy brief outlines the main effects of climate change on urban mobility and offers some remedies to lessen them.

The goal of the policy brief is to increase awareness among decision-makers and give urban planners a broad overview of the effects climate change will have on Mediterranean cities, focusing on mobility-related issues.

Until recently, the focus on the transportation industry has mainly been on decarbonising it and improving mobility. Although preventing or at least lessening the effects of climate change is generally regarded as the top strategy, we must still be aware that its effects are already impacting our daily lives. Urban designers should be aware of this transition and incorporate adaption strategies into their mobility planning.

The effects of climate change, which are currently only partially felt, will also expose transportation infrastructure to an increasing number of new issues over the next decades. Current environmental, climatic, and socioeconomic factors and conditions must be considered while planning for the development of new infrastructures and the management of existing ones.

The current policy brief outlines the primary effects of climate change on urban mobility and offers some remedies to lessen them.

The policy brief is based on a survey of the relevant literature and input from professionals in the domains of mobility planning, urban planning, climate change, economics, and environmental health. The experts participated in a series of workshops that the Urban Transport Community initiative prepared after conducting interviews with them. As a result, they got the chance to communicate, exchange knowledge, and examine the problem of urban mobility adaptation to climate change from many angles.

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