The CIVITAS Political Advisory Committee opens five seats for new members to join

The Political Advisory Committee (PAC) is a small group of leading and highly motivated politicians that acts as the steering group of the CIVITAS initiative and network of cities. Currently, the group has opened a call for new members to join the group.

Elected politicians from any of the CIVITAS Forum Network’s cities can apply through an expression of interest (letter of intent) sent to In this letter, interested candidates should indicate their name, city, qualification, and experience, reasons for applying and vision for the coming two years as PAC members, in maximum 500 words.

The application deadline is 9 September 2019. Applicants are expected to receive an answer regarding their submissions by 16 September. Those selected would become members until the term of the current PAC, which is September 2020.

The new five PAC members will be appointed by the European Commission with the support of the PAC Secretariat. They will be selected based on general criteria of representativeness (city typology and geographical position, CIVITAS experience, gender) and the individual candidates’ record in proactively promoting policies that are in line with the CIVITAS objectives.

The next PAC meeting will take place during the CIVITAS Forum 2019 in Graz (Austria) between 2-4 October 2019.

Visit the PAC webpage for more general information.

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