Survey for Electromobility Policymakers: Shaping the European Electromobility Observatory

Through the survey ( policy makers are able to indicate views and suggestions on key topics that the EEO should address in its future data collection.

The EEO looks for cooperation with people and organizations who:

  • closely follow developments in the field of electro-mobility (on behalf of governments) in European regions, and who can provide the EEO with the most recent and reliable information on targets, realizations and policy measures regarding electric vehicles, charging stations, and hydrogen refueling stations and/or
  • are responsible for the implementation of (national, regional or local) governmental programs aimed at rollout of electro-mobility, and who have a good overview of successful projects, and of main issues and bottlenecks encountered in the practice of electro-mobility.

Electro-mobility in the framework of the EEO covers full battery electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and fuel cell electric vehicles, and also covers the corresponding energy delivery infrastructures. The European Commission will use the EEO to facilitate information exchange and coordinated regional action across the EU for these subjects.

The survey should be completed before 31 May: If you are interested in regular information please contact Sylvain Haon ( and Dagmar Röller (

About the EEO

The European Electro-mobility Observatory aims at monitoring all major EV developments in Europe to facilitate fact-based policy at all levels and to engage a large number of local authorities and industry stakeholders. The EEO internet portal will allow fast and effective data input and analysis and reduce the duplication of surveys. In addition regular workshops and webinars will be organized to address the major issues and to exchange experiences and best practice.

Polis and Polis member Rotterdam are part of the consortium implementing the EEO.