Stakeholders convene in Tønsberg to discuss Shared and Digital Mobility Hubs

On 29 May, leaders and experts from across Europe gathered at Fylkeshuset in Tønsberg for a pivotal conference on Shared and Digital Mobility Hubs.

Hosted by Vestfold County, the Municipality of Tønsberg, and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, the event aimed to explore the role of these hubs in enhancing urban and regional transport systems. The conference brought together politicians, civil servants, mobility providers, and academics to discuss the potential and challenges of shared mobility in Norway.

What happened

The conference commenced with welcoming addresses from Anne Strømøy, County Mayor of Vestfold, Frank Pedersen, Mayor of Tønsberg, and Eric van Dijk from ShareDiMobiHub’s lead partner, the Province of Utrecht. Strømøy emphasised the urgent need for communities to transition away from fossil fuels and integrate shared mobility options with existing public transport systems. Pedersen highlighted Tønsberg's upcoming tram system and its first mobility hub, while van Dijk stressed the importance of including rural areas in mobility planning.

The morning session, led by Jelten Baguet from Mpact, along with our Daniel Herrera Meek and Jorge Manso García from POLIS, delved into the fundamentals of mobility hubs. Jeffrey Mathijs from presented successful European models of car sharing and micromobility integration, stressing the need for a robust framework, attractive offers, and strategic communication.

A matter of digital integration

The digital integration segment focused on the Transport Operator Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) Provider (TOMP) API, an initiative to standardise communication between transport operators and MaaS providers. This effort aims to make shared mobility more efficient and user-friendly.

Panel discussions featured insights from Norwegian stakeholders like Trine-Marie Molander Fjeldstad from Bane NOR and Karolina Hye Aaland from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, who outlined national strategies for shared micromobility. Regional leaders from Europe shared their experiences in establishing and scaling mobility hubs, emphasising the importance of strategic placement, community engagement, and resilient infrastructure.