Results from the first Ride2Autonomy Workshop are now available!

On 9 March 2022, Ride2Autonomy gathered partners and stakeholders for the first workshop in a series to discuss the project’s phases and state of play. The event was focused on lessons learned in the initial phases of the project.

The objective was to gather information to support the pilot sites planning their demonstration. In addition, it builds up knowledge for the “Scalable Model” toolbox to provide blueprints and recommendations supporting any town or city in the implementation of automated shuttle services into a smart urban mobility system.

Presentations provided the opportunity to compare Ride2Autonomy with “sister” projects (FABULOS, PAV, SHOW, ART-Forum), and gain insights on best practices and common challenges specifically at the planning and feasibility assessment phase of CCAM implementation.

One of the recommendations for future projects was that one should ensure enough time for unexpected legal issues, as regulations in each city are different, and one should not count too much on transferability.

Another important question raised during the discussion was whether autonomous vehicles change the concept of urban planning and space efficiency. It was pointed out that autonomous vehicles should follow the logic of reaching objectives for sustainable mobility strategies and not change the way of mobility planning per se. However, they might bring positive impacts that could change, for instance, spatial planning approaches. A possible outcome can be a reduced need for parking space when shared automated vehicles are able to operate in functional urban areas. In addition, spatial impacts can differ in scale and time - immediate or long-term.

For more information, recording, and “sister” projects presentations – please follow the links below:


Introduction slides

FABULOS – Renske Martijnse-Hartikka, Forum Virium

PAV – Christian Riester, Pendel Mobility, Barcelona pilot

SHOW – Henriette Cornet, UITP

ART-Forum – Torben Quickert, City of Bremen

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