Research for European Parliament - COVID-19 and urban mobility: impacts and perspectives

As part of a broader study on Sustainable and smart urban transport that will be published in the coming days, the Transport and Tourism (TRAN) Committee of the European Parliament has commissioned an In-Depth Analysis on the impacts and perspectives of COVID-19 for urban mobility.

The briefing provides an overview on the state of play and trends of urban transport since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. It outlines four scenarios, the prevalence of one or the other depending on the priorities established by policy makers and service providers. The briefing delivers general recommendations for a post-COVID-19 smart and sustainable urban transport and a set of desirable actions on how to integrate EU response into existing policy priorities.

The study was carried out by the associate member of Polis TRElab (University of Roma Tre) together with PANTEIA, and can be consulted at this link.