QUEST (Quality management tool for Urban Efficient Sustainable Transport) released final brochure

The brochure explains why was a tool like QUEST needed on a European level and what differentiates it from other auditing tools. The steps and stages of the QUEST method are presented in a concise way to allow for an easy overview of the process, whereas a more detailed description is available on the QUEST website. To give the reader a feeling about QUEST, QUEST partner cities, representing all geographical regions in Europe – Bath in the UK, Gävle in Sweden, Ghent in Belgium, Padua in Italy, San Sebastian in Spain and Chomutov in the Czech Republic, have shared their experiences with using the method.

The brochure is available not only in English, but also in Czech, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish and Swedish, which offer more local context on the use of the method.  The project’s final conference will be hosted by Budapest on 05 September 2013.

The project’s results will find a continuation beyond the end of the project in the QUEST Academy which will train further auditors on how to use the quality management tool.  A call for new auditors is currently open and more information can be found here. To contact the QUEST team for an audit in your city, please write to: .