Public Transport Lab talks tech

POLIS' Public Transport Lab convened actors from across the public transport field to ask how technology can support urban mobility.

Digital innovations are improving people’s lives and opening opportunities for public transport, including increased efficiency, lowering costs and easier accessibility. But how exactly can we use technology to create a smart and sustainable transport network, even in remote and rural areas?

In this webinar, we heard from the experiences of capital cities, Oslo and London, as well as HITRANS on utilising technology across rural regions.

The event was a chance to hear about bow new technologies are enabling more sustainable mobility options in rural and urban areas, addressing procurement processes, new partnership models and more.

“We have provided a snapshot of the process involved in rolling out technological solutions, exploring how we can truly stay customer focused across our ICT solutions,” said Suzane Hoadley, Coordinator of POLIS’ Traffic Efficiency Working Group.  

This was a members only event. All resources are available on the POLIS Network members area.


Want to know more? 

This webinar built on themes discussed across POLIS’ Traffic Efficiency Working Group. For further information, contact Suzanne Hoadleyor Laura Babio.