Traffic Efficiency Working Group to discuss vehicle automation

The next meeting of the Polis Traffic Efficiency Working Group will take place in Milton Keynes (United Kingdom) on Thursday, 26 March 2020. It will have as its main theme vehicle automation, which it will approach from different perspectives, such as Polis member automated vehicle activities, physical infrastructure readiness and classification, digitalisation of the transport network and new rules, regulations and policy interventions that may be needed to steer the introduction of automated vehicles.

This meeting will take place the day after the final event of the European project CoEXist, which is building tools to help local authorities plan for and manage the arrival of higher levels of connected and automated vehicles (CAVs). The draft event programme and practical information can be downloaded by clicking here.

Online registration for the Polis Traffic Efficiency Working Group meeting (members only) and the CoEXist final event is available here.