POLIS-NAPCORE sign Cooperation Agreement at Connecting Europe Days

Boosting data efficiency for European cities and regions? POLIS and NAPCORE take charge! On 3 April 2024, at the Connecting Europe Days, the two organisations signed a Cooperation Agreement to streamline the accessibility and utilisation of mobility data. Read more below!

That's right! POLIS is teaming up with NAPCORE, an organisation coordinating and harmonising more than 30 mobility data platforms across Europe, to advance data provision in European cities and regions.

On 3 April 2024, during the Connecting Europe Days 2024, the two organisations signed a Cooperation Agreement, under which they will bring their collaboration to the next level by streamlining the accessibility and utilisation of mobility data. POLIS will also continue to be a member of the NAPCORE advisory board.

Key objectives of this partnership include:

  • Enhancing the availability and usability of mobility data to support sustainable urban and regional development initiatives;
  • Identifying the structures, needs, and requirements of data and service providers to ensure efficient data provision;
  • Bridging the gap between different levels of action for a comprehensive and holistic approach to data provision.

This collaboration signifies a pivotal step towards fostering data-driven decision-making processes and addressing the evolving needs of cities and regions in Europe.

Check out what the Secretary Generals of POLIS and NAPCORE had to say about the agreement:

As we navigate the intricate data landscape within cities and regions, shaped by EU regulations such as the ITS directive, POLIS and NAPCORE are joining forces to address the challenges of data provision head-on. By taking into account local needs and bridging existing gaps, our cooperation is dedicated to ensuring a seamless flow of data, ultimately benefiting the heart of urban and regional communities." - Karen Vancluysen, Secretary General, POLIS

"For multimodal travel information services and Mobility-as-a-Service, data availability at the city level really is key. While the NAPs facilitate data access in Europe, this new cooperation of NAPCORE and POLIS really helps creating the foundation for harmonised data provision across Europe on this level." - Timo Hoffmann, Secretary General, NAPCORE

And of course, stay tuned for updates as POLIS and NAPCORE work together to drive innovation and efficiency in data provision for a smarter, more connected Europe!


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