Polis members Madrid and Reading streamline and digitise blue badge parking

MADRID deploys new model of parking badge incorporating SIMON technology

Since June 2016 Madrid has been incorporating SIMON tokens in new and renewed parking cards. All parking card holders receive SIMON Project information when they pick the cards up and they can then choose to use the card for the SIMON Pilot. It is expected more than 2000 cards will be issued by the end of the project, more than 1500 have been registered in the system so far.

SIMON at the BBC

After seeing news of SIMON in a Committee Report the BBC approached Reading Borough Council for an interview. They interviewed Simone Illger, Chair of Reading’s Physical Disabilities Forum and Marian Marsh, Lead Officer for SIMON at Reading Borough Council, on the Radio Berkshire Breakfast show about the SIMON App. The BBC also filmed Simone and Marian on a journey from Simone’s home to the town centre and talked to them about how they used the SIMON App to find a free Blue Badge parking space and what the SIMON Project is all about.

You can watch the short film here.