Polis member Brussels launches "BikeForBrussels"

By bundling all cycling initiatives in the region and encouraging more and more people to cycle, Bike for Brussels aims at creating a ‘bike culture’ in the region with the final goal to reach 20% of cycling rate by 2020.

"Bike loud. Bike proud. - Post all your cycling moments using the hashtag #bikeforbrussels and invite your friends to ride the city in your slipstream”, the newly created website says.

The number of cyclists increases in Brussels

The number of cyclists in Brussels has increased substantially over the last years. The region focuses on a cycle policy where more people (women and children) can feel safer to cycle and can enjoy better bicycle parking infrastructures.

The 'Ping if you care' project, which aims to identify major safety bottlenecks for cyclists in the region, goes towards this direction. In 2015, the number of cyclists in the city went higher of 5% compared to 2014, the Brussels Mobility Minister Pascal Smet revealed (more info here in Dutch). Key investments will be done in building separate and secured paths starting from the city’s inner ring where parked cars can free space for trees, cyclists and walkers.

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