Participate in the SUM Expert Survey on Shared Urban Mobility Business and Operation

SUM invites you to participate in the “Expert Survey on Integrated and Seamless Shared Urban Mobility Business and Operation”. As part of the SUM Project, aimed at accelerating the deployment of new and shared mobility services, we are conducting an in-depth analysis to address the challenges of urban mobility. The increase in urban population underscores the necessity for sustainable solutions in city transportation. Our project, SUM, is at the forefront of developing innovative strategies for a more competitive shared mobility sector.

Experts and stakeholders from various fields are invited to contribute to our “Expert Survey on Integrated and Seamless Shared Urban Mobility Business and Operation.” This survey is designed to gather insights that will help enhance the viability and effectiveness of shared mobility solutions across Europe, particularly in light of recent challenges such as the COVID-19 and energy crises.

Survey Details:

  • Duration: Approximately 30 minutes
  • Deadline: Please submit your responses by May 10, 2024
  • Link to the survey: Participate Now
  • Or scan the QR Code below to access the survey directly.

This initiative is a collaboration with our extensive network of research, academic, industrial, and territorial partners. Your input will be instrumental in shaping the operational frameworks and business models for new and shared mobility services, influencing not just the SUM project but also future mobility initiatives across Europe.

For further details on our project and its objectives, visit SUM Project Homepage.