Olli Fleet Challenge: an opportunity to test autonomous shuttles in your city

What would you do with a fleet of autonomous shuttles? This is the question asked by Local Motors in the recently launched Olli Fleet Challenge. The winner of the challenge will receive a three-month deployment of Olli sized to their proposed use-case and location.

Applications will be assessed by a panel of judges featuring leading personalities from the transport field, including Polis Secretary General Karen Vancluysen, MIT’s Carlo Ratti and former Formula 1 World Champion Nico Rosberg. Judges will rely on their industry knowledge to determine the best use-case scenario for the Olli pod.

Karen Vancluysen said: “Given the potential impact of self-driving cars in urban areas, for example in terms of congestion, environment, road safety, user behaviour and infrastructure management, local and regional authorities and public transport providers need to play a prominent role in the development of policy around AVs. Understanding what their impact may be and how best to prepare for and influence this as a city or regional transport authority is important to ensure informed decisions are taken. The Olli Fleet Challenge can help to identify interesting use cases for automated transport in cities and regions, in line with sustainable mobility objectives.”

The challenge is open to local authorities and organisations in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Spain. Valid entries will focus on five major areas that have been identified as requirements for a successful deployment:

  • People: Who in your community will interact with Olli, as a rider or otherwise?
  • Place: What roads will Olli drive on, and what does the surrounding environment look like?
  • Policy: How will your deployment also discover and develop the future of mobility policy?
  • Partnership: Who, and how, are you going to leverage partners to think about the future of mobility?
  • Product (Olli): How does your organization imagine Olli transforming mobility, placemaking and culture

For more information and to apply, please visit the Olli Fleet Challenge website.

The winning entry will be announced in June.