Arnhem Nijmegen City Region co-hosts the 2020 POLIS Conference

Following a record-breaking conference in Brussels and in view of the COVID-19 situation, the 2020 POLIS Annual Conference – which was to take place in the Arnhem Nijmegen City Region – will now be held virtually from 30 November to 3 December.

Even though we will not be meeting in Arnhem-Nijmegen, this innovative city-region remains our virtual co-host for the conference, which will be an all-around sustainable virtual event.

Arnhem Nijmegen brings in the visionary content you need!

The Arnhem Nijmegen City Region will take the co-hosting opportunity to present innovations, challenges and developments in the field of smart, sustainable and clean mobility.

In this video, co-host and Nijmegen's Deputy Mayor Harriet Tiemens invites you to join this year's POLIS Annual Conference and, in particular to the Urban Green-Deal Makers Summit.

Meet the Dutch

During the 2020 POLIS Annual Conference, Arnhem Nijmegen City Region and the larger context of Gelderland will be presented in the format of the interactive program-intermezzo 'Meet the Dutch', from 1.15 - 1.45 PM every conference day. Participants will be shown a series of inspiring best practices on moblity hubs, mobility & energy systems, changing mobility behavior and sustainable corridor innovations.


Offical video:

More on the Conference:

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