New ITF Report: Regulating App-Based Mobility Services

App-based mobility services have a brief history which essentially commenced early in the current decade. But these services have grown exponentially and now constitute a significant part of the urban mobility landscape.

The ITF Roundtable on which the report 'Regulating App-Based Mobility Services' is based focused primarily on ridesourcing and bikeshare, as these currently constitute both the most-developed and the most controversial parts of the sector. Emerging services such as e-scooters, vanpooling and demand-responsive transport were also discussed and their potential future role in the urban mobility landscape addressed.

The Roundtable discussed experiences in these areas, including the different and sometimes rapidly evolving regulatory responses to app-based mobility services. It sought to identify key lessons learned and, on this basis, set out relevant regulatory principles that can help to ensure that the consumer benefits of app-based mobility are maximised and that they contribute effectively to the achievement of wider public policy objectives.