MORE Launch Event: Allocating space/capacity on busy urban roads and street

Many organisations are alive to the challenges of planning, designing, operating and managing busy main roads and streets in cities – and the increasing pressures that this infrastructure is under. These arise both from the growing range of demands on roadspace, from population growth and densification, to the proliferation of vans meeting growing demands for internet deliveries and on-site service activities, and the greater interest in designing streets as healthy places. And from the threats and opportunities posed by new transport and non-transport technologies, including new transport services and modes (e.g. MaaS, drones and driverless vehicles), the potential impacts of 3-D printing or new health care delivery models, and opportunities to allocate space and capacity in a more flexible and dynamic manner. And the cyber-security risks that might be posed by street digital infrastructure.

This free, one-day event represents the launch of a three-year EU Horizon 2020 project called MORE (Multi-modal Optimisation for Road-space in Europe) that sets out to address these issues and to explore potential solutions on urban main road corridors in five cities across Europe, including London, by taking a comprehensive approach that considers the needs of all road users and treats urban roads and streets as complex ‘eco-systems’.

Attendees will have the opportunity both to learn about the procedures and products being developed by MORE to enhance the street planning, design, operation and management processes; and to present their own perspectives and findings, in order to enrich our collective understanding of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

MORE is planning to set up an Exchange Forum, for all those with an interest in the future of roads and streets in cities; and towards the end of the day, participants will be invited to discuss how this Forum might best operate, to mutual benefit and maximum effect.