MOBI-MIX to develop Handbook for Public-Private Collaboration

The MOBI-MIX project intends to facilitate the up-take of innovative transport solutions to fulfill their potential and have a positive impact in reducing carbon emissions. To achieve this the project will develop and source state-of-the-art public-private collaboration models for more effective implementation of micromobility and MaaS solutions, ultimately leading to a more livable city.

To help cities integrating MaaS and Shared Mobility in their SUMP, MOBI-MIX is preparing a handbook with the most promising implementation tools and collaboration models with private mobility providers. Last Tuesday 15th July, MOBI-MIX held its first roundtable discussion connecting high-level experts from the US and Europe with European cities to share knowledge and best practices. Experts from MaaS alliance, ITF, University of Oregon, Osborne & Clarke, JUMP bikes, Co-wheels, Taxi-Stop, Shared-Use Mobility Center and CoMoUK got together to discuss instruments to collaborate with the private sector.

MOBI-MIX and POLIS are organizing a second high-level roundtable discussion to gather more input for the final development of the Handbook. The session will focus on 'Collaboration Models with the private sector' and will take place virtually on August 25th. Register here to participate and join the lively discussions with international experts and public authorities!!