International speakers will discuss the city of the future in Arnhem

The bicycle will play an important role in the city of the future. The BAB and the closing event are organized by FietsLab Gelderland as part of the Heel Gelderland Fietst campaign.

The speakers:

  • Kristian Skovbakke Villadsen - partner and director - Gehl Architects
  • Bart Reuser - founding partner - NEXT Architects
  • Reindert Augustijn – traffic and mobility programme manager – Gelderland Province
  • Jeroen Junte - journalist - volkskrant, Frame

New visions fit with Gelderland province’s ambition:
The BAB and the closing event are in line with the objective of the Province of Gelderland to increase bicycle use from 26% to 35% by 2030. The campaign ‘Heel Gelderland Fietst’ was created because of this. The bicycle plays an important role when it comes to a healthy and active lifestyle. It also provides additional benefits such as reducing air pollution, improved accessibility for towns and villages, reliable travel time and it can also address poverty and isolation.

‘Heel Gelderland Fietst’ is setting up various projects and pilots to achieve this goal. For example, ‘FietsLab Gelderland’ is an initiative that works on innovations in the field of cycling. Together with residents of Gelderland and mobility experts, new developments are being sought and projects are being set up that make cycling more attractive, improve health and provide for a more prosperous and happier Gelderland.

The BAB closing event is free, but registration is essential. Register via:

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