INDIMO project on inclusive digital mobility launches new website

The INDIMO (Inclusive Digital Mobility) project is proud to announce the official launch of its website,

The INDIMO website has been designed with the objectives of the project in mind, namely enhancing inclusivity and accessibility of digital mobility solutions. To achieve this, the website provides several accessibility options – for example, different text sizes and colours – which contribute to the customisation of its layout, where every element is accessible for a wide range of users.

As the main online communication channel of the project, it includes background information on the project, the list of pilot sites and technical partners, as well as the objectives and the methodology pursued by the project. It will be kept up to date with the latest news, events and project results.

The website aims to be the first point of contact for the inclusive digital mobility, not only during the project’s lifetime, but also after its end. For this reason, the Inclusive Digital Mobility Toolbox that will be developed by the partners will be made public through the website, with the aim of reaching out to the widest possible range of public and private actors, starting from urban mobility professionals and policy makers. Furthermore, the website will contribute to the project’s co-creation approach, by hosting the link to the European Transport and Mobility Forum, the web platform which will allow the discussions of the INDIMO Co-creation Community during the project.

The project has only just begun, but the website is ready to serve as a user-friendly communication gateway and to become a knowledge and communication hub for user-centric mobility in the long term.

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