INCLUSION project releases guidance for a fair(er) transport system

Over the last three years, the EU-funded INCLUSION project addressed the challenges of accessibility to public transport in peripheral, urban and rural areas.

The experience of this three-year project is condensed in three key publications, which will provide valuable guidance to local authorities and planners that strive to make mobility more inclusive, accessible and fair.

Discover the three key publications of the INCLUSION project:

The project has also released a video that explains in a nutshell what the EU-funded INCLUSION project has done in its three years duration and the tools developed to make mobility more inclusive and accessible for all.


The video can be viewed on YouTube via the following link.


INCLUSION is a 3-year project that aims to address a number of challenges related to the accessibility of public transport in specific urban and rural areas where accessibility, inclusive mobility and equity challenges are greatest.

The main objective of INCLUSION is to understand, assess and evaluate the accessibility and inclusiveness of transport solutions in European prioritised areas. The project is identifying gaps and needs in order to propose and experiment with a range of innovative and transferable solutions. Accessible and inclusive public transport for all and especially for vulnerable categories is key to ensure equity of transport and social inclusion.