How to better integrate urban nodes in the TEN-T network; Joint event of Vital Nodes, Gelderland and Arnhem-Nijmegen

Arnhem-Nijmegen plays an active role in the Rhine-Alpine TEN-T corridor. The event will be used to explain to local and corridor stakeholders recent insights on TEN-T development, the link between infrastructures and better, smarter local transport, and funding opportunities and challenges in this respect.

The event will build upon the results of the Vital Nodes project. Vital Nodes delivers evidence-based recommendations for effective and sustainable integration of the nodes into the TEN-T network corridors. It addresses specifically the multi and intermodal connection between long-distance and last-mile transport of goods and people. It will also support the deployment of innovations in the urban nodes, while establishing a long-lasting European expert network.

The event will present CEF and related European funded projects that have allowed for local investment and innovation with European relevance. The target audience are ECTG Rhine-Alpine stakeholders, mobility and transport users and generators (larger companies and employers) as well as research and innovation managers.

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