EAFO: the definitive alternative fuels information portal for Europe

The European Alternative Fuels Observatory (EAFO) is the European Commission-funded portal that aims to become the main reference point for information about alternative fuels and infrastructure in Europe.

EAFO presents data and information on alternative fuels and clean vehicles across the continent, mapping their introduction and use, as well as related infrastructure. It also catalogues existing incentives across Europe. The observatory supports national and EU legislation, programmes and incentives for alternative fuels and includes information from EU, EFTA members and Turkey. In total, EAFO covers 33 countries. EAFO targets EU policymakers, manufacturers of related technology and infrastructure, NGOs and other stakeholders looking to find out more pertaining to the uptake of alternative fuels and development of related infrastructure. By using the portal’s interactive map, they and other users can find the locations of alternative fuel stations across Europe. They can also inform themselves on EU legislation and policy, European vehicle categories, EU funding and financing in EAFO’s knowledge centre. Furthermore, regular news items reveal the latest developments regarding alternative fuels and vehicles. Whilst the portal’s focus is mainly on alternative fuels for road transport, such as battery electric vehicles, visitors can also find the latest on vehicles powered by hydrogen, LPG, natural gas (both liquefied and compressed), biofuels, and synthetic paraffinic fuels. The portal also included relevant data for seagoing and inland shipping, such as LNG bunkering, Onshore Power Supplies, alongside other information related to port infrastructure.

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