Cross border bus network connects Catalonia and the Region of Occitania

EU funded project, ConnECT, is expanding and improving mobility corridors in between Catalonia and the Region of Occitania. The bus lines are designed to enhance mobility and multimodality across the region by connecting key existing transport hubs and adding much needed additional direct lines.

The project, which is a partnership between the Government of Catalonia, the Region of Occitania and the Departmental Council of the Eastern Pyrenees, aims to upgrade the interurban bus service of the Catalan Cross-border Space, enabling citizens and tourists to travel around the region with ease. ConnECT is part of the European Union Interreg POCTEFA 2014-2020, a territorial cooperation program created to foster sustainable development and economic and social integration between Spain, France and Andorra.

The initial cross border lines (Porté-Puigcerdà-Montlluís and Formiguera-Puigcerdà-Er) were established at the beginning of September.

The new bus network connects existing transport hubs creating a multimodal system

The first connects French citizens with the Cross-Border Hospital located in Puigcerdà (Catalonia) and the train station in Puigcerdà- where passengers can continue to Barcelona. This will also prove beneficial for tourism in the region as Puigcerdà and Cerdanya now enjoy direct connection to the ski resort of Porté (France) and Montlluís.

The second line, Formiguera-Puigcerdà-Er, enables French citizens direct access to the Cross-Border Hospital and Puigcerdà train station- which subsequently connects with Barcelona.

The new lines are a substantial improvement to the region, upgrading citizens’ and visitors’ to access healthcare, workplaces and leisure facilities.

These lines are the first of a wider network, and three more mobility corridors are set to enter service in the coming months.