CIMEC, CODECS & NOVELOG presented at ITS World Congress

The views and requirements of cities regarding C-ITS deployment was presented during a session on smart city applications. The findings of the CIMEC and CODECS projects, both dealing with C-ITS and cities to a greater or lesser extent, provided the substance for the presentation. The presentation presented some of the results from the CIMEC survey of city transport challenges, priorities and use of/views on (C)ITS. It provided some insight to the typical reactions made by cities when discussing C-ITS, such as 'How will C-ITS help me deliver my policies?' or 'Why is C-ITS better than the ITS I have already?'. The bulk of the presentation drew on the CODECS report on 'city requirements'. The main items covered in this section were:

  • Start from the problem rather than the technology
  • Understand the benefits/business case
  • Facilitate procurement
  • Enable integration
  • Address organisational issues
  • User acceptability and response

The session was largely European dominated, with presentations from other European projects such as Compass4D and TEAM. There was nonetheless an interesting Australian contribution delivered by the state of Queensland about its activities and plans for connected and automated transport.


Polis took part in a second session on urban freight during which it gave an overview of the main challenges facing cities due to the growth in lorry traffic as well as some of the measures that are being implemented, both soft and hard. With regards to the role of ITS in mitigating the impact of lorry movements and raising standards (eg, cleaner vehicles), the presentation profiled the initiatives of Torino and specifically their activities in the Novelog project.