Call for case studies nomination: INCLUSION project

Cases can include innovations to conventional public transport schemes, privately run solutions, and public-private partnerships both in urban and rural areas. They can be either already implemented or currently in the process of being implemented.

The 50 most innovative cases will be selected for further investigation and analysis over the course of the next 2 years, contributing to setting the standard for good practice in the provision of inclusive, equitable mobility in Europe.

To submit your nomination(s), please click on this link.

A preliminary selection of 50 case studies will be made at the end of March, with final selection by end of May 2018.


INCLUSION focuses its research on improving accessibility for transport user groups that are vulnerable to exclusion from transport systems (e.g. low-income, disabled, elderly, migrants, etc.) in European prioritised areas, so that they have greater access to jobs, educational and social opportunities.