Building a data-driven culture: Members in the spotlight

POLIS members have been showcasing their data and digital strategies, helping other shape their own approaches to data.

Data and digitisation are transforming the day-to-day mobility operations across cities and regions, creating exciting opportunities for future management strategies. Both local authorities and their operating partners are building their data/digital skills and pioneering data tools to help achieve  more efficient operations and planning.

However, the path to digital maturity is paved with a myriad of challenges. While digitisation promises consolidation and simplification of mobility management, it can be a resource intensive process at the outset.

Throughout May and June, POLIS Traffic Efficiency Working Group has been guiding members through the data experiences and practices in its “Members in the Spotlight” series.

Cities and regions are all at different stages of data and digitalisation advancement. By showcasing the strategies of public agencies, the Traffic Efficiency Working Group has provided a forum for discussion between mobility stakeholders, helping each understand what works… and what does not!

There are tough decisions to be made when navigating this process, and POLIS has been supporting its members through this process.

The group has heard from Paris and Brussels Mobility operator, STIB/MIVB, where leading data management professionals shared their advice and experiences.

We learnt:

  1. How to build an internal data culture, ensuring employees collaborate effectively to fully utilise digital resources;
  2. How to create the skills and know-how required to manage data;
  3. How to establish strong bi-lateral and multi-lateral data partnerships, where insights and resources are shared efficiently and openly, and external partners are recruited in an effective way;
  4. How to manage expectations, understanding what is possible- and what is not- adapting data strategies accordingly;
  5. Key use cases where data analysis has proved indispensable to operations… as well as where expected outcomes have not been achieved!

These open and honest meetings have proved a fantastic example of peer-to-peer exchange, and incredibly useful for members, helping attendees reflect on current strategies and anticipate future actions.

More about POLIS Traffic Efficiency working group

The working group aims to enable knowledge sharing and reflection about current transport practice, new developments and evolving European policy on network management, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and data.

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Please note our Working Groups are open to POLIS members only.  For more information regarding membership please contact our Membership Manager, Pasquale Cancellara.


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