04/10/2022 joins the POLIS family

We are happy to welcome the Belgian organisation as an associate member, making them the latest addition to our growing network. is an NGO and network promoting the use of shared mobility in Belgium. They encourage and support the use of alternative means of transport to effectively meet everyone's mobility demands while making effective and sustainable use of urban space and citizen wellbeing.

Autodelen is committed to working with partners to enhance shared mobility, placing it firmly on the policy radar, through several different projects and initiatives. As we at POLIS share this commitment to new mobility solutions, we are thrilled to welcome them as our latest associate members and we look forward to working closely together across our working groups, Annual Conference and other activities.

Committed to promoting shared mobility has been involved in several projects focused on shared mobility, including, Share North, Pajotse Social Mobihubs and ART Forum. as well as the eHUBS project, in which POLIS too participates in. also plays a significant role in the digitalisation of new mobility services, working on Mobility points by providing useful implementation of the TOMP-API interface, a platform ensuring communication between Mobility as a Service (MaaS) operators and the Common Service Data Model (CSDM) standard, which establishes the digital link between mobility operators and cities.

In doing so, they add to POLIS growing network of such associate members including MobilityData and the Open Mobility Foundation who are also conducting work in this area.

The project has a consortium of partners which includes different European municipalities and organizations, including POLIS.

Stay tuned to learn more about this exciting new partnership between and POLIS! 


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