American transport platform publishes "Shared Mobility Playbook"

The playbook is a result of work by Transportation for America, the participant cities in T4America’s Smart Cities Collaborative as well as industry stakeholders including Lime. During a two-day meeting in September 2018, participants from these cities identified key policy components, discussed the opportunities and impacts of various policy choices and shared their personal experiences with managing these services in their communities. The playbook is a result of that collaboration, additional conversations with cities across the country working on regulations, input from Lime, and research conducted by T4America.

T4America will continue to refine and expand the playbook as we learn more about the ongoing results of the efforts to manage these services and ultimately the impact that shared micromobility is having in our communities. To aid us in this effort, if you think something is missing, or if there are other policy alternatives to consider, please share your experience with us at

The complete Playbook is available here.