21 projects selected by BENEFIC as part of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) grant

The European BENEFIC project stands for “BrussEls NEtherlands Flanders Implementation of Clean power for transport”. BENEFIC will support a total of 21 projects with a budget of about 5.3 million EUR for (ultra) (fast) loading infrastructure, LNG, CNG and hydrogen filling stations, freight transport and inland waterway vessels. BENEFIC is part of the EU programme 'Connecting Europe Facility', funded by the European Commission and is coordinated by the Flemish Department of Environment.

The Flemish Minister for Energy  Bart Tommelein said that “thanks to BENEFIC, the 1,000 additional loading and unloading points will come on top of the 5,000 public charging points that we are rolling out in Flanders region by 2020”.

The BENEFIC project is innovative in how it enhances and fosters cross-border cooperation between Belgium and the Netherlands and makes use of a broad range of new fuel technologies. The 21 projects will lie along the TEN-T core networks within the Brussels Capital Region, the Netherlands and/or Flanders.

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