University of Zagreb FTTS

Recognized as a leading institution in Croatia for higher education, scientific exploration, and research in the realm of transport and traffic engineering, the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences of the University of Zagreb, is committed to fostering innovation and knowledge. Beyond educating their students, they actively contribute to various scientific, research, and professional projects.

Their faculty members are dedicated to finding practical solutions that enhance mobility in ways that are more efficient, secure, and environmentally sustainable. They stay informed about emerging trends in transport system development and have identified approximately 40 key areas of focus for their experts.

These include topics such as sustainable transport practices, safety measures, the application of big datasets in transportation, the integration of artificial intelligence in transport, cooperative transport systems, and exploring virtual and augmented reality in logistics. Additionally, they delve into the functionalities of GNSS systems, aiming to address contemporary challenges with expertise and insight.

The Faculty is involved in multiple European projects, such as SUMBooST, SUMBooST2, ELP Transport, Reallocate, and ELABORATOR.

You can learn more about them on their website, and follow them on LinkedIn or Instagram.