Bursa is a city in northwestern Turkey and the administrative center of Bursa Province.

Traditionally, Bursa was famous for being the largest centre of silk trade in the Byzantine and later the Ottoman empires, during the period of the lucrative Silk Road. The city is still a major centre for textiles in Turkey and is home to the Bursa International Textiles and Trade Centre.

Bursa has a metro (Bursaray), trams and bus system for inner-city public transport, while taxi cabs are also available. Bursa's Yenişehir Airport is 20 mi (32 km) away from the city centre.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is seeking to provide sustainable transport services to support the city's environmental, accessibility and smart goals.

Bursa cable car, image credit: Mesut Pişkin/ unsplash

The municipality have determined the Smart City strategies with the vision of "Bursa, the most liveable city that produces values from resources" and the mission of "Working together for smart and sustainable services centering people and the environment". As part of this Bursa has joined POLIS to support it in developing urban management to increase quality of life, social inclusion, sustainable mobility and comprehensive urban planning.

Bursa is involved in a range of projects including, INCIT-EV, Team-Aware, ENHANCER-InnoSmart Together Common Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, BeyondSchool and Digifire.

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