18/10/2022 POLIS Network

UVAR Exchange Final Stakeholder Workshop

The UVAR Exchange Final Stakeholder Workshop will take place at POLIS Network in Brussels and online on 18 October 2022 from 10-13:00 to present the findings of the UVAR Exchange project. They include in detail various practical recommendations on physical road signs, VMS, C-ITS and cross border, and validate these with those in the field. UVAR Exchange invites you to register here.

About UVAR Exchange:

The project links to and follows the European Parliament-funded UVARBox project. It has several aims for the exchange of information.

Firstly, to enhance the experience of road users by improving the communication of information to drivers in the vicinity of UVARs through different road signs. By communication to drivers on different UVARs, UVARExchange works to enable EU-wide harmonised physical signs working with EU organisations responsible for road sign coordination, as well as variable message signs (VMS), as well as by demonstrating the provision of information directly to a connected vehicle via Cooperative Intelligent Transport System (C-ITS) messages.

Secondly, UVAR Exchange will address the cross-border sharing of vehicle and driver information. Enabling this would avoid the need for foreign drivers and vehicle operators to pre-register for separate LEZ cities and countries. The only reason this is currently needed is when cities cannot get cross-border information sharing of the vehicle technical information from other countries. Enabling this cross-border sharing would at the same time make compliance checks and enforcement of foreign vehicles and drivers by the UVAR authorities easier, cheaper and quicker.