02/12/2020 - 03/12/2020

Urban Mobility Green Deal-Makers Summit - Cities and regions taking action!

Cities and regions are invited to present their contributions and commitments to sustainable mobility in the EU Green Deal.

The climate challenge offers a unique opportunity to foster a much needed transition in urban mobility. The EU Green Deal provides the framework for a new growth strategy that transforms the Union into a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy. Transport makes up a big part of Europe’s carbon emissions. Local and regional governments are taking action to make Europe’s urban transport systems become more sustainable, safe, equitable and competitive. 

POLIS  - the leading network of European cities and regions committed to innovation in urban mobility and transport – invites its members to present their concrete, successful urban mobility actions at the 2020 Polis Annual Conference (Arnhem-Nijmegen, NL – 2-3 December)

In the Urban Mobility Green Deal-Makers Summit, city and regional political representatives will engage in a dialogue with EU representatives to show their side of the Green Deal and discuss how the EU can support the local and regional level to perform even better! In December, it will be a year after the EU Green Deal was presented. This presents a good time to discuss issues including: 

- What concrete opportunities are created for cities & regions working on sustainable mobility?
- How can we scale up the presented solutions?
- How can the EU help in implementing sustainable urban mobility across Europe’s cities & regions?
- How can cities help our companies and European economy to stay innovative and competitive?

Are you interested in joining this high-level political debate and presenting your contributions to the Green Deal? Please complete this form to indicate your interest.