19/10/2023 Porto, Portugal

Urban C-ITS City Forum and Contest

The urban group of the C-ITS platform C-Roads is organising an urban C-ITS City Forum and Contest in Porto (Portugal) on 19 and 20 October respectively.

The Forum will bring together the main urban C-ITS stakeholders, including city authorities, to debate aspects related to C-ITS deployment, including C-ITS services today and tomorrow, C-ITS impacts on traffic management and user perceptions.

Join the Forum and Contest in Porto!

So that the participants can be provided with a proper welcome and appreciate their experience in the city of Porto, they are requested to fill in the registration by using this link.

The Contest was open to cities in the process of deploying C-ITS: a high-level awards ceremony will take place on 20 October.

More information

Further information about the forum and the contest are available at https://www.c-roads.eu/urban-c-its-contest.html.