28/04/2021 Online

The AUTOBUS project: final webinar

How do ordinary road users interact with self-driving buses in ordinary road traffic? Join the AUTOBUS final seminar to hear the results on April 28th at 9 AM (CEST)

The goal of the AUTOBUS project is to study how ordinary road users interact with self-driving buses (AV shuttles) in ordinary road traffic, at three different locations in Norway, namely Forus, Kongsberg and Oslo.

TØI, TU-Delft, Vias institute, and Lund University have gathered data and used video observation techniques to investigate the interaction between traditional road users and AV shuttles and its evolution over time.

Some researchers have suggested that because AV shuttles run slowly and defensively, other road users will be able to take advantage and hinder AV shuttles future accessibility in traffic. Is that what actually happens in real-life traffic?

The results will be presented during AUTOBUS final webinar held on April 28th at 9 AM (CEST) open to all interested.

Join the final webinar here


09:00–09:10     Welcome and general project presentation

Torkel Bjørnskau, Institute of Transport Economics, TØI

09:10–09:30     European pilots with AV shuttles

Marjan Hagenzieker, TU Delft

09:30–09:50     AUTOBUS: Field survey results

Torkel Bjørnskau, TØI


10:00–10:20     AUTOBUS video analysis – interactions with cars

Aliaksei Laureshyn and Carl Johnsson, Lund University

10:20–10:40     AUTOBUS video analysis – interactions with VRUs

Tim De Ceunynck, on behalf of Vias Institute

10:40–10:55     The future of AV shuttles

Applied Autonomy, Ruter, Kolumbus

10:55–11:20     Poll and concluding remarks