04/07/2022 Brussels, Belgium

ST4W Workshop on inland waterway transport 

Many cities and urban agglomerations are located on major rivers or near the coast. However, the use of water for urban freight has not reached great popularity yet; city authorities are thus looking for opportunities to use non-road modes for movements of goods to, from and within cities.

Cities that are connected to ports and inland waterways have some interesting opportunities in this area. Bringing goods to dense urban areas via inland waterway transport is an opportunity to reduce urban congestion and emissions. However, urban planning, delivery hours and other regulations must be adapted.

The workshop titled “Waterways and urban logistics: how can regulations better interconnect the modes?”– hosted by POLIS and co-organised with CIRCOE, MULTITEL and other partners from the Smart Track for Waterway (ST4W) EU-funded project, is primarily addressed to cities and administrations that would like to learn and share successes and challenges and to develop strategies that better interconnect urban multi-modal logistics.

Smart Track 4 Waterway (ST4W) is an EU-funded project (Interreg North-West Europe) that proposes a management solution for shipment by inland waterway transport, providing small stakeholders simpler and cheaper access to secure data, and enabling them to share a hierarchical track & trace service of shipment at logistics unit level.

The ST4W Workshop will take place at POLIS offices in Brussels, on Monday 4 July 2022 (09:30 – 16 CET). For those who cannot attend on-site, it will be possible to follow the event online. If you’re interested to receive the link to attend the event, please register here by Thursday 23 June.