30/09/2021 Online

Join INDIMO’s third Co-creation Workshop! Co-creating the INDIMO policy evaluation tool


POLIS, on behalf of the INDIMO project, is pleased to invite you to INDIMO’s third Co-creation Workshop – Co-creating the INDIMO policy evaluation tool, taking place on September 30 - 2021, 10.00 - 14.00h CEST – online.

The INDIMO project aims to break the barriers that people face in accessing digitally interconnected transport systems. The project aims to expand the use of existing and emerging digital mobility services to users who are currently excluded due to physical, cognitive, or socio-economic barriers. As a partner in the project, POLIS is supporting this workshop focusing on co-creating the INDIMO Policy Evaluation Tool by bringing together relevant stakeholders and policymakers who can contribute to building one of the most important tools of the project.

INDIMO's third Co-creation Workshop

This workshop is a part of the series of co-creation workshops and events the INDIMO partners have been conducting to create the INDIMO digital mobility toolbox. This toolbox will provide a framework and guidelines to transport and logistic stakeholders for the design and implementation of accessible and inclusive digital mobility systems and its related products and services.

The objective of the workshop is to present, discuss and refine the first version of one of the components of the toolbox, the INDIMO policy evaluation tool. This tool is expected to aid policymakers, user organisations (NGOs), operators and other mobility professionals in evaluating to what extent an available or proposed digital mobility or logistic solution meets the needs of (potential) users in their city or region in terms of accessibility, inclusion, cybersecurity and personal data protection, and highlight the barriers and deficiencies. The discussion sessions will cover the application of the policy evaluation tool in the following cases:

  • Evaluation of an existing or proposed digital mobility or logistic service.
  • Evaluation of existing or proposed mobility policies of a local or regional authority.

An agenda will follow soon. Additionally, some material regarding the workshop’s content will be shared in the European Transport and Mobility Forum (www.etmforum.eu).

 A unique experience!

By joining the INDIMO co-creation community and participating in the workshops you can:

  • Help to create more inclusive and better accessible digital mobility solutions.
  • Gain insights in the needs of different user groups regarding digital mobility solutions.
  • Get to know other stakeholders (representatives of technology suppliers, policy makers, transport service providers, research organisations, etc.)

Be part of a really nice group of people!

We would be delighted if you could join the workshop and contribute to the discussion!

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