28/09/2022 Online

IRF Webinar: Smarter Urban Mobility Pricing with Brussels SmartMove

International Road Federation (IRF) Webinar on Smarter Urban Mobility Pricing is being hosted with Brussels SmartMove! The event will take an in-depth look at the pilot, using it as a case study to display how fair and intelligent measures for charging road users could soon change the urban mobility landscape.  

IRF is hosting its next e-learning webinar on smarter urban mobility pricing, using POLIS member Brussels' SmartMove pilot as a case study on Wednesday, 28 September at 11:00 US EST/17:00 CEST.

The decline in inner-city road mobility that occurred during the height of the pandemic has largely been reversed. For millions of commuters, urban congestion is once again a daily reality that clogs streets, emits dangerous gases, and costs money in lost productivity. In light of this, several cities are testing out ambitious solutions intended at imposing smart kilometre fees on motorized users while also enhancing the availability of mobility services.

A concrete example of this innovative thinking that might serve as inspiration for cities all across the world is the SmartMove pilot in Brussels. The fundamentals of this effort will be explained in depth in this webinar, which will also illustrate how fair and sensible methods to tax road users could soon transform the urban mobility scene.

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