Urban Mobility Company: CORE MaaS — A Social Distancing Mobility Platform

Urban Mobility Company: CORE MaaS -- A Social Distancing Mobility Platform

The COVID-19 pandemic has quickly demonstrated itself as a global challenge, affecting all aspects of our daily lives. One of the areas that is most profound related to this pandemic is the aspect of urban mobility. The restrictions now coming into effect on an hourly basis are drastically transforming how we move across districts, cities, and regions. These restrictions are based on the public health policy of social distancing.

Through social distancing, it has been proven that a “flattening of the curve” related to the outbreak of new virus cases can be better managed, and spread out across a longer time period. This allows our hospitals and public health facilities to carefully manage existing and new case loads, without reaching over-capacity. As social distancing is a critical aspect to local, regional, national, and EU policy regarding managing this pandemic, tools and technologies are needed to better support the movement and distribution of urban mobility.

Electric bicycles, electric scooters, and other personal electric vehicles have long been touted for their economic and environmental benefits. But now we’re seeing how these types of vehicles are being effectively employed as one more option to defend commuters from contracting and/or spreading coronavirus.

The CORE MaaS (COvid-19 REsilient Mobility as a Service) project developed by Iomob and submitted in partnership with Factual as part of the Enhanced EIC Accelerator Pilot (SME Instrument Phase 2) urgent call for projects proposes to develop an open SDK-based middleware platform that integrates available mobility service providers (MSPs), public transport, taxis, and other mobility services across multiple cities and regions within Continental Europe. The platform will provide intermodal routing algorithms to allow users to select available mobility options within a selected geography that optimize social distancing, as a prioritized parameter.

In this article from the Urban Mobility Company, Scott Shepherd discuss the new CORE MaaS project platform which will help to encourage social distancing whilst getting people where they need to be.

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