Milan proposes post-COVID plans for walking and cycling

Milan proposes post-COVID plans for walking and cycling

Milan has announced ambitious plans to reallocate space for walking and cycling in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The 'Strade Aperte' plan, announced on Tuesday 21st April, will see 35km of streets transformed over the coming months to prioritise walking and cycling as restrictions on travelling and social distancing are lifted.

Reduced car travel in recent months has resulted in a large drop in air pollution in Italian cities. Now city officials are seeking to take action to maintain this improved air quality and achieve a higher quality of life in the city by making it easier to get around on foot and by bike.

The plans will see the implementation of low-cost cycle lanes, widened pavements, reduced vehicle speed limits, and pedestrian and cyclist priority streets.

The Guardian reports that the average commute is less than 4km, meaning that making a switch to walking and cycling is a feasible option for many people in Milan. To read the full article from the Guardian, please see here.

This comes as a recent GIS analysis of street space in Milan has revealed that many streets in the city do not provide enough space for safe social distancing for pedestrians. This highlights the need for wider footpaths and more space for people in the Italian city.