COVID-19: Keeping Things Moving

Glasgow converts a third of parking spaces for social distancing

Glasgow is to suspend roughly a third of its on-street parking spaces to provide more space for social distancing.

The move is part of an initiative by the city council to create around 25km (15 miles) of extra space for physical distancing, creating wider footways to make it easier for pedestrians to stay a safe distance apart.

Glasgow City Council's 'Spaces for People' scheme is being supported by £3.5 million from the Scottish Government. The council has stated that there will be no reduction in the number of disabled parking bays in the city centre.

Glasgow is also planning to create "park and stride" and" park and cycle" facilities near car parks in different parts of the city to support active mobility. Additional measures, such as temporary cycle lanes and longer 'green man' phases at pedestrian crossings are also being implemented.

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