COVID-19: Keeping Things Moving

Catalonia launches app to show passengers bus occupancy levels

The Government of Catalonia has launched an app to inform passengers about bus occupancy levels.

The new Autocorb app will informed citizens of the occupancy of approaching buses in real time. The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the deployment of this new app, with the aim of ensuring safe physical distance on buses.

From 11 May, citizens will be able to find out through the Autocorb app the occupancy of their bus. The new functionality is part of the Intelibus project and involves the 'inLab' FIB laboratory of the Politechnichal University of Catalonia.

The user will be presented with estimated occupations of buses throughout the day. In doing so, the government hopes encourage people to opt for buses with lower occupancy, thus balancing the supply and demand of the service. In the context of the health crisis, this will minimise congestion on buses and help to reduce the spread in the fight against the pandemic.

The new service is based on an algorithm developed by researchers of the Politechnical University of Catalonia, which will use machine learning tools and neural networks. The algorithm will allow accurate estimates to be made within a changing environment.

This new module is integrated into the Intelibus ecosystem, a real-time Information System for the passenger transport sector, which uses the GPS positions of buses and the ticketing system to provide useful and real-time information both to public transport customers as well as service operating companies.