2023 - 2025


Seamlessly bringing together connected and cooperative mobility and urban air mobility with airport infrastructure? Meet MAIA, the project making it happen by pioneering multimodal airport access. 

Envision a future where connected and cooperative mobility (CCAM) and urban air mobility (UAM) perfectly integrate with airport infrastructure and other transportation modes. With the power of artificial intelligence and digital twins, MAIA (Multimodal Access for Intelligent Airports) anticipates the impact of innovative service configurations on airport performance as multimodal hubs.

The goal? To provide aviation stakeholders with data-driven insights, empowering them to make informed decisions on implementing, operating, and regulating new services. By leveraging shared autonomous vehicle fleets and unmanned aerial vehicle fleets, MAIA is revolutionizing passenger mobility. Through advanced data analytics and modelling tools, the project monitors and anticipates passenger behaviour changes, optimises vehicle dispatching during disruptions, and recommends strategic vertiport locations.MAIA KoM group picture

MAIA's specific objectives include:

  • Identify opportunities and risks in multimodal airport access;
  • Develop the MAIA-Engine toolset for passenger-centric design;
  • Implement innovative services.

Collaborating with a small yet strong consortium of 5 amazing partners, POLIS' work will be centred on creating the MAIA-Engine toolset.

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