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SUNRISE stands for Sustainable Urban Neighbourhoods Research and Implementation Support in Europe.SUNRISE’s innovative approach lies in its concrete involvement of citizens, stakeholders and users throughout all phases of the innovation process, from the early identification of problems to the implementation of solutions and their evaluation.

These solutions will be tested in the six SUNRISEneighbourhood cities of Bremen, Budapest, Jerusalem, Malmo, Southend-on-Sea and Thessaloniki through the so-called “neighbourhood mobility labs”.

The neighbourhood mobility labs of the SUNRISE cities set down the  foundation of the Sustainable Neighbourhood Mobility Planning (SNMP) which in turn builds on the Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP) concept. The SNMP applies the transport measures and participatory approaches to the neighbourhood scale by working closely with local partners organisations and citizens.

Polis leads the co-learning and uptake activities which develop the conceptual strategic framework of the project and will induce the take-up of SUNRISE concepts and methods beyond the SUNRISE consortium in neighbourhoods across Europe.

The SUNRISE website is available at