Transport and energy poverty are discussed in new EC paper

Energy and transport poverty (especially connected to fuels and private transport) affects a sizeable portion of the population in the European Union (EU).

To address them, a deeper understanding of the social groups and territories that are most affected is required.

In the paper 'Energy poverty, transport poverty and living conditions - An analysis of EU data and socioeconomic indicators' by Georgios Koukoufikis and Andreas Uihlein - and written for the European Commission, microdata from the EU-SILC and HBS surveys have been used to offer a thorough analysis of the topics.

Indicators of traditional energy poverty and spending were used to compare and contrast various socioeconomic and geographic categories (eg gender, employment status, tenure category, degree of urbanisation): their analysis's will helpfully aid the academic and policy communities in developing agendas that will lead to a transition that is just and fair for everyone.

Read the paper here.