Sustainable 2Wheels event

The Sustainable 2Wheels event is organized during the European Mobility Week by ETRA, The European TwoWheel Retailers’ Organisation and Forum-Europe for the fourth consecutive year.

This year will feature:

  • A show and test area on the Esplanade of the European Parliament open to the public
  • Two interactive debate sessions with senior business, civil society and policymaker representatives
  • Short bicycle tours through Brussels, guided by Pro Velo
  • Learn to ride an electric bicycle with former professional cyclist Henk Lubberding

Polis can be found in the exhibition area at the Esplanade of the European Parliament. Polis is involved in several European projects which promote cycling, including CHAMP, which gathers champion cities in cycling, PTP-CYCLE, which promotes personalised travel planning approaches to enhance cycling, and STARS, which aims to increase cycling to school.