SUNRISE takes you through a neighbourhood in Bremen

Since 2017, SUNRISE, an EU-funded research project, in which Polis Network is involved, has been working on solving mobility-related issues in European neighbourhoods using a co-creation approach. The project recently announced some achievement in its pilot site in Bremen, where excessive car-parking is one of the main mobility challenges.

The parking situation in Hulsberg, a neighbourhood located in a historical district of Bremen, has been quite dramatic. For years, private cars have taken a considerable part of the narrow streets, including sidewalks and on some occasions had blocked the way for firefighters and ambulances.

The project is currently in the co-implementation of measures phase and by looking at examples elsewhere and involving residents and local stakeholders in the discussions, SUNRISE has made some proposals to the local authorities. Successfully, the coalition agreement after Bremen’s 2019 elections decided to implement SUNRISE proposed solutions such as creating resident parking and increasing monitoring of the legal kerbside parking, not only in Hulsberg but also in other neighbourhoods in Bremen.

The project made available an interview to project local coordinator Michael Glotz-Richter to provide interested people with a full picture of the situation. In the interview, Michael takes viewers through the neighborhood and explains the mobility issues and the co-creation work done in Hulsberg.

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