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Walking takes centre stage this fall in Lisbon, Portugal! On 14-18 October 2024, the POLIS member city will host the Walk21 International Conference on Walking and Liveable Communities, promoting the international profile of walking. Want to join in the fun? Submit your abstract now!

Since June 2023, Portugal has been focusing on walking as a key aspect of public policy. Their National Strategy for Active Pedestrian Mobility has introduced 21 measures to make walking an appealing and safe daily choice in Portugal, promoting an active, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle.

That makes its capital, Lisbon, the perfect setting for hosting the 24th International Walk21 Conference on Walking and Liveable Communities from 14 to 18 October 2024. This conference, organised by the Walk21 Foundation, the Institute of Mobility and Transport, and the Active Mobility Project Group, in partnership with the Lisbon City Council, follows the motto of the National Strategy for Active Pedestrian Mobility: Somos Todos Peões | Everybody Walks! The Walk21 conference is a platform for experts, academics, politicians, and the public to come together. It's a chance to learn, share policies and projects, and discuss experiences with national and international experts.

Submit your abstract now!

Want to join in? Walk21 invites you to submit your ideas under their four conference themes:

  1. Inclusivity: Making walking accessible for everyone.
  2. Positive public space: Creating safe, attractive streets and public spaces.
  3. Climate imperative: Investing in walking for a greener transport system.
  4. Good governance: Putting pedestrians at the heart of policies.

Submit your 500-word abstract by 15 March here.

For more information, check their Call for Contributions here.